Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm Back!

My last post was 9 months ago. Phwew! How the time flies. In those 9 months Alex began walking and talking, we moved back to Florida from Arizona, Andrew became rector of a wonderful parish in Orlando, and I grew another baby in my belly and pushed her out into the world on November 30.
Now that we're settled and Aimee (the new baby)
is nearing 4 months old
I feel that I can squeeze in some blogging time. I barely got started before my hiatus so I still have a lot to share that I learned from having Alexander. Stay tuned for a post on cloth diapering.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Get your groove on

I recently uploaded this video to You Tube and posted the link on my Facebook page. I've gotten such a positive response that I thought that I'd go ahead and add it to the blog. Let's face it, there is nothing more natural than letting loose and shakin' a tail feather when you hear a good tune. Not everyone feels comfortable doing this, but for those of you who don't go ahead and let down your guard at home and let loose like my one year old. You may be surprised by how good it makes you feel. Happy rug cutting!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meet the Petiprins

I'm a stay at home mom with an 11 month old son named Alexander and another baby due on November 22. I'm married to a very handsome, fun and funny and supportive Episcopal priest named Andrew. He has his own blog that you may want to check out called First Apostle. We moved to Scottsdale, AZ from New Haven, CT a year ago when I was 8 months pregnant. All of our family lives on the East coast so this past year has been a little challenging as a new mom, but I guess parenting is always challenging in one way or another.

One big challenge is being at peace with the choices you make for your little one. There are a million choices to make as a parent and sometimes it's hard to know if you've chosen the best thing or not for your kid. The first choices you make happen while you're pregnant. What should I eat? What will we name him or her? What type of birth will we have?  Andrew and I took a Bradley Method class while still in Connecticut and we are strong advocates for natural childbirth. I'll share Alexander's birth story at another time. This post is just an introduction.

I plan to include posts on breastfeeding, whole foods and recipes, natural childbirth, safe, natural and fun play with baby, natural and safe housecleaning tips and any other natural parenting things that come up that are worth writing about.  Andrew and I believe in leading a healthy, well -balanced, holistic lifestyle that our children can emulate. It isn't always easy in a world where this type of life is an extreme alternative, but I hope to share with you things that will make it a little easier for us all.